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So I'm moving into a new place and need to build something to allow privacy in one of the's a little tricky so I'm looking for some suggestions! The goal is to allow privacy, essentially I want to build a's the tricky part though. The entrance to the room is via a spiral staircase which enters the room in the middle of the floor. Surrounding the hole in the floor where the spiral staircase is essentially a wrought iron fence. Below you'll find a link to a birds eye view of the stairs/outline of the fence if it'd be helpful. The bottom line is that I want to create a door (albeit not a traditional door) to provide privacy but I don't want to worry too much about hitting my head on it. For whatever its worth the fence is uniformly 36 inches high as well... here's the link to the image... xrmh9yy anyone have any good ideas?!? THANKS!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WANDA FOSTER (Council Bluffs, IA), 01/02/2019

Welcome to the forums! What's wrong with the storm door. Most parts are replaceable, and are generic. So if we know what's wrong, we may can help.

- ISAAC SIMON (Sandy, UT), 02/08/2019

What I visualize is 5 or 6 hinged panels about 7 feet hight. They would fold around the stair rails. two would be 66 wide, two 36 wide, and the others sized to fit the opening. The ones that remain immobile could be secured to the top rail with pipe straps. The panels could be 1X2s and 1/8 hardboard (Masonite). isDiscover Simple, Private Sharing at

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Sugar Land, TX), 02/19/2019

I thought the purpose of the spiral staircase, besides compactness, was openness. I agree with G in that a picture would be worth a thousand words here. Top and bottom photos, and not closeups. I got it....36+36=72, whew!!

- LORRAINE DAY (Rochester, MN), 02/05/2019

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