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I feel like an idiot so I hope someone can help me out. I replaced the hinges on 3 interior doors today. The hinges are 5/6 radius and 4. They are the same size as the old hinges but not the same manafacturer. The screw holes are in the same position as the old ones. After I installed the hinges, the doors won't close and they were working fine before. It looks to me like the rear of the door is now hitting the stop. Any insight as to what is going on is appreciated. Corky
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 01/04/2019

It is always a bit of a guess whats inside but generally you can just cut off a solid core interior door. If it has a particle board core though I'd want to put several coats of paint or even fiberglass resin on the bottom to prevent moisture from wicking into the particle board and causing it to swell. If it was me I'd just use a hollow core door and cut it off. You may be be able to remove the door skin from the original bottom filler strip and then glue it in. However you can make a new strip from a 2X4. Just rip a piece off equal in width to the space inside the door. While you can just glue the strip in I put a casing nail 6d or 8d from each side into the end of the strip. To avoid splitting the wood cut the hear off one of the casing nails you are using and drill a pilot hole about 1 less then the full length of the nail. When you glue be sure it is tight then put a board on each side and clamp but not too much you don't want to push all the glue out.

- WENDY VARGAS (Arlington, VA), 03/04/2019

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