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I have a wooden front entry door that seems to be uneven. There is about an 1/8 gap at the top by the hinge and narrows as you go down to the floor. How do I adjust this to make the door even?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SARA PRICE (Apple Valley, MN), 01/22/2019

Finding the door is the easy part. Putting a 6' door in a 5' opening is a real trick! You will have to remove your existing header and install a 7' header over the framed rough opening with 60+ between your jack studs holding up the header. What type siding do you have on the house? It will have to be modified? What type walls are the interior. They will likewise have to be modified. You can do this, but it won't be a walk in the park. Let us know your questions and we'll walk you through it. Larry

- ROSE J (Oklahoma City, OK), 02/11/2019

Thanks for your reply. the door is difficult to shut. It rubs very hard on the door jam at the top. sometimes I have to almost slam it to get it to shut. I actually measured this time, and the gap is about 1/4 at the top (big difference, I know!) and narrows down to zero at the bottom. If I could pull up on the handle hard enough it seems like the door would be straight. Thanks for any help you can give!

- Hannah Morris (Newark, NJ), 02/16/2019

Ok..clearer now. If I understand you correctly it is rubbing on the top of the latch side frame? First..make sure all the hinge screws are tight. Then replace one screw in the top hinge (in one of the holes closest to the middle of the door frame or interior) with a longer screw..2 1/2-3 long. You need to make sure it doesn't protrude and interfere with the door closing. They should have what you need at any hardware store. Take the screw you remove with you. Its best to predrill a hole so that the screw will go in easily. This will pull the door up (like lifting the handle) by the screw sinking into the wall framing behind the jamb.

- STEVEN JACKSON (Columbus, GA), 02/28/2019

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